At the beginning the gastronomy will focus mainly in the breakfast and meals sporadic prepared in the Quincho. Breakfast will be served in the mean buiding in the Vista Mirador dining room.

The Hacienda offers a closed Quincho, barbeque area,  for 50 persons, equipped with rustic furnitures from the zone in an ambiance of countryside Chilean Patagonia. It has a  fireplace and large grill, kitchen, bathrooms, and handicapped access. 

The Hacienda also offers a second Quincho open air, with a grill zone.


    • Gallineros, Chicken coop:  Hacienda owns red chicken Rhode Island,  “gallinas felices”  sare raised and produce eggs without any intervention. 
    • Invernadero, Greenhouse:greenhouses and an outdoor "huerta" 
    • Bovino Overo Colorado, special cow race, for milk and meet.